Sunday, September 23, 2012 - 14:00
Rio Theatre
1660 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC
$8 adult; $6 child
Jan Sverak
Czech Republic

Using puppetry and live action, Kooky is an inventive, thrilling family adventure from Academy Award-winning director Jan Sverak (Kolya). Created in the imaginative mind of six year old Ondra, whose life has been hindered by asthma and is forced to give up his favourite dusty cuddly toy, Kooky. Kooky is thrown in the garbage by Ondra’s mother, but with Ondra’s sheer will power and prayers, Kooky manages to find the strength to escape his fate and would-be jailers. In his desperate fear of the dark he stumbles across the ageing forest Guardian, Captain Goddamm who reluctantly helps him out. An unlikely friendship emerges as they pursue their own goals, unexpectedly discovering they both need one another. Good triumphs evil, as together they battle the nasty Nushka, who is trying to overthrow the wise and compassionate Guardian. The abundant creativity delivered in this film is a rare occurrence in children’s cinema. Truly a must see!
Recommended ages:  6 & up.  

Rated PG (coarse language)

In English

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All funds raised from this screening will help pay for a new playground at the Queen Victoria Annex.


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