Talent Lab

Talent Lab
Pacific Cinémathèque, 1131 Howe St

We have a program designed for high school students. You can attend a short film program, and now you have the option of staying for the whole day and taking a workshop or attending an interactive panel.
From mobile phones and computers to television and movies, screen culture dominates modern culture. Reel 2 Real’s Talent Lab aims to ensure that students are inspired and equipped to analyze, appreciate, explore, create and share screen media. Through film viewing, master classes and production classes, students get to work with, and learn from, some of Vancouver’s top film industry professionals.

Download the Talent Lab- High School flyer here.

Half-day workshops
The Talent Lab program includes the option of attending full-day and half-day workshops. The workshops are available to school groups and home-learners. Students attending a film have the option of adding one of these two half-day workshops. Pre-registration required.

Constructing a Scene
This workshop is designed for the budding writer, director or actor who wants to make a film, or those who are just curious about how the pros do it. How are films made? In small groups, participants will collaborate on a scene including scriptwriting, rehearsing, blocking, designing the shots... then actually shooting that prep! Students will walk away with the skills to construct their own scene.
Participants in this workshop may sign up to attend the Young Filmmakers Showcase. It’s an opportunity to see what other youth in BC are working on.

Animation Masterclass
Through demonstrations, instructional handouts and hands-on activities, students will learn how to make jointed paper puppets. The workshop will focus on drawn and object animation- cut-outs, beads and feathers... You can animate anything that can fit under a camera! Using paper cut outs, we’ll begin with a short demonstration of the five types of movement (acceleration, deceleration, constant, hold and irregular) and other basic principles, such as stretch and squash. This workshop promises to give students an understanding of basic animation techniques.

Light in Motion
Glow, sparkle and shine and learn how to create a short animation using only light. Participants will use digital point-and-shoot cameras to take long exposure images that can be crafted into stop motion images that give the illusion that the light is effortlessly flying through the air.

Full-day workshops at the Roundhouse Community Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews.

Innovative Storytelling with iPads
What are all these new devices capable of? Innovators are finding new ways to push boundaries and express themselves using new platforms and devices. Delve into the exciting new world of digital storytelling with an iPad. Students will be able to put their hands on the latest technology and learn the basics of how to make a short documentary. Students are encouraged to bring an iPad.

Sound Design Master Class
Good sound is a must. Students will explore the three essential ingredients of a soundtrack: dialogue, sound effects and music. Small teams will generate soundtracks to pre-rendered videos using iMovie and GarageBand. Students will walk away with a firm grasp of how to use GarageBand to achieve good sound. Students are encouraged to bring a laptop (with GarageBand) and/or ear phones.