2012 film guide

Wolfgang Groos

It’s the beginning of summer vacation, and the Crocodiles are celebrating Hannes’ birthday. Even though they have grown older and developed different interests, the gang of adventurous kids stick together through thick and thin. During a go-kart race, Frank is in a terrible accident, and needs a liver donation. In order to save him, his friends will need to get Frank’s brother out of prison. Their plan is risky and the stakes are high. In German with English subtitles. Rated PG -  course language. Recommended for ages 10-13. Themes:  Friendship, courage, exceptionality.

Preceded by 5 short films made during our Summer Film Course.

Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street (at Davie) | doors at 12:30; show at 1:00 pm

Tickets $8.00/adults; $6.00  children/youth/seniors; $5 each for groups of 10 or more. Cash only at the door.


Jean-François Proulx

When a bump in the road causes an unexpected chain of events, every formative life experience flashes before a deliveryman's eyes. This is a colourful and quirky crowd pleaser based on true events!

Rogan Shannon

A deaf filmmaker shares what it is like to experience his world.

Jonathan Lyons

Floyd the charming Android attempts to change a light bulb at the top of a preposterously tall skyscraper.

Rohan Fernando

What links a village in Belize and millions of North American kids? Chocolate!  Meet 13-year-old Elisha, the daughter of a cacao farmer in Belize.  We learn about her daily life and her dreams as she and her father show how cacao is grown, harvested and turned into chocolate.

Catherine Van Campen
The Netherlands

Anne is like any other eleven-year-old: she rides her bike, likes her trampoline, hangs out with her friends. But living with Tourette’s syndrome means she sometimes acts in ways that are difficult to control. Anne doesn’t want to change the person she is; she just wants to try to control her tics and help others better understand her.

Pauline Kortmann

It's hot. The weather frog is alarmed: if what the kids say is true, terrible things could happen to the climate!  Without dialogue.

Julien Thomas

This reflection on the circumstances surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals glimpses of humanity in which we find ourselves.

Franziska Buch

Original title: Hier kommt Lola
In this award-winning film, nine-year-old Lola seems to have it all—in her dreams, at least. In her fantasy world, she leads a fabulous lifestyle as pop star Jacky Jones, who rides in stretch limos and plays concerts for thousands of adoring fans.  In reality, however, she discovers that the one thing missing in her life is a true best friend. At first, Lola resents being forced to sit with her classmate Flo, who smells of fish and teases Lola about her fear of frogs. But after spending time together, Lola comes to learn an important lesson about friendship. Themes: friendship, fantasy vs. reality.
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Recommended for grades 4-6/ ages 8+    
Content advisory: brief scene of nudity, use of derogatory language.


Martin Högdahl

Original title: Isdraken

Eleven-year-old Mik is learning as much as he can about whales, and loves rock music. He lives with his older brother Tony and unemployed alcoholic dad in the suburbs of Stockholm. One day, things take a turn for the worse and Mik is forced by the youth welfare office to go and live with his aunt Lena in a remote village in the north of Sweden. His world collapses, until he befriends brothers Bengt and Bertil, falls in love with the fearless and assertive Pi, helps his friends build a snowmobile, and eventually finds his way home. 

Rated PG -  course language. / Recommended for ages 10+
In Swedish with English subtitles

“A gritty piece of young-adult fiction segues into colorful action-adventure territory. The tale of a lonely Stockholm lad who must rely on his inner resources -- and new friends -- when he falls into the grips of Swedish social services, this is modest but entertaining, family-friendly fare” – Variety