A nine-year-old girl finds courage.

Documenting the fashion phenomenon, Air Jordans, a group of Toronto youth explore what the shoe means to them and the material and social cost of the craze.


Luca finds out about his grandfather¹s intention to drive off a cliff and decides to furtively follow him. This heartwarming story is told with humour.
In Italian with English subtitles.

This film about cabbage, a simple vegetable with many layers, is based on a poem by Erin Mouré.
In Galician with English subtitles.

Original title: Kidnappet
Eleven-year-old Simon travels with his Danish mother to his birth country, Kenya. Chasing his soccer ball, he gets lost in a large city-slum. In his trendy shoes and fancy clothes, he clearly stands out, but after he gets mugged, he looks like any other African boy. After his mom, Susanne, goes to the media promising a reward, he becomes a hunted boy, desperate for friends he can trust. In English and Danish with English subtitles.
Themes: survival, friendship, adventure, social class, international relations, and adoption.

In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

In light of the recent success of the silent film The Artist, and the tribute to the silent era in Hugo, the Festival is pleased to offer the Canadian Premiere of NOT JUST FOR KIDS.

A 12-year-old boy, fated to die on his thirteenth birthday, has to find a way to cheat death before the clock runs out.

Original title: A Pas de Loup
Suspecting she is invisible to her parents, six-year-old Cathy decides to test the theory by disappearing into the forest. And so begins an extraordinary adventure, in turns harrowing and humourous. In French with English subtitles. 
Themes: family relationships, imagination, nature, and survival.
*** Winner of the Children's Jury Award at the Montreal International Film Festival ***
Recommended for ages 6 and up/ grades 2-7


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