Can one game change everything?  This autobiographical animation explores the transformation possible when urban Jewish kids and rural youth brought up with anti-Semitism, meet on the courts and dispel mutual distrust and stereotypes.

A collage artist endeavours to complete his work while interpreting and translating the beauty of toiling hand and the action of scissors.

Metal objects of the past come to life in the depths of the sea.

During an afternoon of play a young boy must use his wits and creativity to recover from a minor tragedy.

This is a short stop-motion, knitted adventure about a boy and his cat who travel far and wide to deliver parcels in their little red plane.

Original title: Het geheim
Ben Stikker and his father are huge fans of magic and spend their time trying to perfect and perform the tricks for their act Stikker and Son. Their hero is well-known magician Hans Smid, who Ben wishes to emulate. At a public performance, Ben and his assistant Sylvie attempt a new disappearing act that seems to work too well. Sylvie promptly vanishes and can't be found.

After his mutt accidentally eats some loose change, a man is soon bewildered to discover that his furry companion has passed the currency with compounded interest.

Pastel animal-people endure hard labour to keep the machinery of a dystopian world running. Everything is going according to plan until the yellow mouse listens to his heart, and changes their world forever.

A farm boy abandons his work to help a city boy who’s trying to recover his toy, a remote control airplane. Together they go through adventures and face obstacles while a great friendship begins to flourish.

An explorer adventures into an unknown world, yet it seems that he has been there before.


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